Nature Unleashed (Grades 3-5)

Nature Unleashed Full Cover

Our Nature Unleashed Unit helps elementary students understand ecosystem connections through exploring Missouri’s ponds, forests, and prairies. The fully illustrated student book includes activities that get students outdoors and exploring, investigating, and asking questions about the ecosystems around their school.

After this unit, students will understand concepts like the difference between consumers and producers, the food chain, and the specializations that help animals survive in different ecosystems.

The Nature Unleashed unit introduces students to specific laboratory and data procedures with fun activities in their scientific notebooks. These activities guide students toward designing a field experience where they gather, record, and organize data. This field experience is a final activity where students demonstrate their scientific skills that they learned throughout the year.

Crosswalks to the Missouri Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards are below. Preview our student guide and teacher guide to explore the Table of Contents and Unit Introduction as well as a sneak peak to our Lesson 1: It’s All Connected lesson where students dive into living and non-living components of Missouri – and then take that knowledge to explore their own schoolyard.

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