Nature Unbound (Grades 9-12)

Nature Unbound Full Cover

Our Nature Unbound instructional unit helps high school students understand the impact of ecology on Missouri and the world. It builds on knowledge students gained from previous biology classes. Most activities in this unit are designed to get students outdoors and exploring, investigating, and asking questions about immediate areas around their school.

In one activity, students explore the process of natural selection with colored golf tees in the schoolyard. In another activity, students use the scientific method to hypothesize where they would find the highest concentration of certain elements in the soil around the school. Students collect soil samples, test the soil, record the data, and analyze the results. These outdoor activities allow students to practice data collection while incorporating what they learned in the classroom.

You can explore the PDF versions of the student book and teacher guide below. Download the teacher guide to your tablet and the student book for Chromebooks.

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