Stream Team

The Missouri Stream Team provides educators with staff support and resources needed to incorporate water quality instruction into their curriculum, lesson plans, field labs, and assessment strategies.

This program gives teachers a variety of educational resources to implement water quality and nature curriculum into their science classrooms.

Resources found in the curriculum linked below include:

  • Developing scientific observation skills
  • Journaling about scientific observations
  • Identifying and mapping watersheds
  • Learning about wetlands management through a decision-making game
  • Identifying macroinvertebrates through a matching game

The lessons in the curriculum are aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards (MLS) and to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each lesson includes a summary, learning objectives, an instructional component, and an evaluation strategy.

Start Your Stream Team

To get started, go to the Missouri Stream Team site and choose Start a Team, or send an email to The Stream Team program provides storm drain stenciling and litter clean-up supplies to anyone registered as a team. To receive the water quality equipment used in the curriculum, you must be registered as a team and attend a training on monitoring water quality.