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2021-2022 Discovery Center Fall & Winter Programs

Virtual and In-Person at the Discovery Center

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Becoming Bears

K-1 grade, 1 ½ hours

By becoming bear cubs, children learn from their “parent” to survive the seasons. Students will find safety in the spring and learn the variety of food bears eat during the summer, and then create a den site for winter’s hibernation. After learning the variety of skills needed to survive, students will emerge from the den as an independent black bear able to care for themselves.

Missouri Learning Standards: K.PS1.A.1, K.PS3.B.1, K.LS1.C.1, K.ESS1.B.1, K.ESS2.E.1, K.ESS3.A.1, 1.LS3.A.1

Outdoor Sensations

K-2 grade, 2 hours

The natural world is filled with sights, sounds, textures and smells. Students will see live animals and learn how wild animals rely on their senses to survive. Spending time outside, students will participate in hands-on activities, focusing on each of their four senses (not taste) to better experience the natural world. ()

Missouri Learning Standards: K.PS3.A.1, K.LS1.C.1, K.ESS1.B.1, K.ESS2.E.1, K.ESS3.A.1, K.ESS3.C.1, K.ETS1.A.1, 1.PS3.A.1, 1.LS3.A.1, 1.ETS1.A.1, 2.ESS2.C.1, 2.ETS1.A.1

Seeds to Trees

1-2 grade, 2 hours

From seed to sapling to mighty oak, trees change through the seasons and the years. Through this hands-on interactive program, students will understand the lifecycle of a tree and will explore different ways to identify trees; from nuts to fruits to leaves and the different resources they provide. Program concludes with students making their own tree art.

Missouri Learning Standards: K.PS1.A.1, K.LS1.C.1, K.ESS1.B.1, K.ESS2.E.1, K.ESS3.A.1, 1.LS3.A.1, 1.ETS1.A.1,1.ETS1.B.1, 2.ETS1.A.1, 2.ETS1.B1

No Place Like MISSOURI

3-4 grade, 4 hours

Ecosystems provide organisms with everything they need to survive. Through hands-on investigation, students will explore and learn about the plants and animals living in Missouri ecosystems: pond, prairie and forest. This program culminates as small groups create an artistic expression incorporating plants and animals, food chains and non-living components of a specific ecosystem.

Missouri Learning Standards: 3LS3.B.1, 3.LS3.C.1, 3.LS3.D.1, 4.LS1.A.1, 4.LS1.A.1, 5.PS3.D.1

Staying Alive

4-5 grade, 4 hours

Through investigations of skulls, beaks, pelts and live animals, students identify specialized structures and how plants and animals use them to survive. This program culminates as students create an artistic expression of their own species and identify how they survive in their habitat.

Missouri Learning Standards: 4.LS1.A.1, 5.PS3.D.1, 5.LS1.A.1, 5.LS1.C.1, 5.LS2.B.1

Exploring Your Watershed

5-8 grade, 4 hours

(not available December 1 through March 15)

We all live in a watershed and depend on clean water. Examine how our actions shape the waterways around us. Interact with the Brush Creek Model and go on a hike to see first-hand some of the challenging water quality issues in an urban setting. Students will assess water quality using live macro-invertebrates to determine the health of an ecosystem.

Missouri Learning Standards: 6-8.LS1.B.2, 6-8.ESS3.A, 6-8.LS2.A.1, 6-8.LS2.C.1, 6-8.LS2.C.2

Lewis and Clark Themed Program

Crossing Missouri is the Lewis and Clark themed program. It is taught for a minimum of 25 students and a maximum of 150 total students. This program includes various activities that students rotate through. Length of the program will be 2-4 hours depending on group size.

Crossing Missouri

(3-8 grade - Rotational activities)

The Lewis and Clark expedition crossed Missouri in 1804. Through hands-on experiences, students will learn how they survived. Engage in skills and learn about the land that provided for the expedition’s needs.


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Seeds to Trees

(Grades K-2)

 From seed to sapling to shade, trees change through the seasons and the years. Through live outdoor visuals explore life stages and parts of a tree. Students will learn trees are a living thing, providing much to the world; and mimic the lifecycle through movement. Program concludes with a virtual question and answer with a naturalist and an animal ambassador that uses trees.

Missouri Learning Standards: K.PS1.A.1, K.LS1.C.1, K.ESS1.B.1, K.ESS2.E.1

All About Snakes

(Grades 3-5)

live virtual program with a naturalist

Snakes have elicited more misunderstanding and apprehension than almost any other group of animals. Once you learn some interesting facts about snakes you will discover most of them are harmless and beneficial. Join us as we explore several different snakes living in the prairies, ponds, swamps and forests of Missouri. You will also have an opportunity to meet the snake ambassadors living at the Discovery Center!

Missouri Learning Standards: 3LS3.B1, 3LS3.C.1, 4.LS1.A.1, 5.LS1.A.1, 6-8.LS1.B.1

Owls Are A Hoot

(Grades 3-5)

45-minute live virtual program with a naturalist

Owls are without a doubt some of the most fascinating raptors in Missouri! This naturalist led program will focus on the specialized structures and behavioral adaptations that make these regal birds a favorite to learn about. Whoooo knows, you too may learn to speak their language! It’ll be a hoot!

Missouri Learning Standards: 3.LS3.B.1, 3.LS3.C.1, 4.LS1.A.1