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This Teacher Portal is designed to serve Missouri’s educators who are interested in teaching about Missouri’s ecology and conservation. Learn about our Discover Nature Schools curriculum guides and student materials. Explore the Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program, and take a look at the Hunter Education and Firearms Safety Program. Review grant opportunities, free teacher workshops, and other conservation-related classroom resources.

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Workshop MDC Office Other Location Name DNS Unit or MDC Program Dates
INTERFACE A PARTICIPANTS ONLY: Kindergarten Bears Through the Seasons Tan-Tar-A Conference Center at Margaritaville Lake Resort
Osage Beach
DNS Kindergarten -
INTERFACE A PARTICIPANTS ONLY: First Grade: Exploring Missouri Tan-Tar-A Conference Center
Osage Beach
DNS First Grade -
MONASP BAI UCM Shooting Range
MO National Archery in the Schools Programs (MoNASP) -
SLPS TEACHERS ONLY: DNS Kindergarten: Bears Through the Seasons Teacher Training Gateway Elem. DNS Kindergarten -
Discover Nature Schools- Kindergarten- Bears Northeast Regional Office DNS Kindergarten -
Discover Nature Fishing Shaw Nature Reserve
Gray Summit
Discover Nature Fishing -
Hunter Education Instructor Certification Workshop Crocker High Hunter Education -
BAI Hybrid Certification Workshop Crocker High MO National Archery in the Schools Programs (MoNASP) -
Discover Nature in Your Area

Discover Nature

A field experience allows students to demonstrate and apply knowledge from the lessons at school in a natural setting. Field experiences help students become systems thinkers, learn the skills of scientific inquiry, and understand that science doesn’t only happen in a laboratory or classroom. Get helpful planning tips in this short video.

Benefits of Nature Education