Rockwoods Reservation Interpretive Programs

All programs are held at

Rockwoods Reservation
2751 Glencoe Road
Wildwood, MO 63038

Contact: Amy Wilkinson, 636-458-2236

Frogs, Dragonflies, and Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is an amazing process to see and study. Learn about frog and dragonfly life cycles and try to catch them in their aquatic habitats.

Creature Features

Discover unique characteristics that allow animals to thrive in their
environment. Examine animal artifacts to better understand the role they play
in the survival of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Who’s for Lunch*

Grades 3—6
Owls, snakes, mice and seeds… they’re all connected and dependent on each other for survival. Remove one piece and the food chain falls apart. Students will study food chains and food webs, and even investigate real owl pellets.

Aquatic Studies

Grades 3—12
Discover the diverse life in a pond beyond fish. Students
will visit an aquatic habitat to sample and identify critters
they find. Learn about the complex food chains and
how aquatic ecosystems depend on humans to remain
clean and healthy. Program includes a stream and pond

Surviving the Wild

Grades 4—12
How well can you survive in the woods? Try your hand at creating a primitive shelter, making a fire, and other techniques to help you survive.

Arthropod Investigators

Grades 6—12
Develop an appreciation for invertebrates of Missouri! Students use the
tools of a field scientist and the classification system to compare and
explore the five main classes of arthropods and their important role in our