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Scenic road on Amarugia Highlands CA.

Amarugia Highlands Conservation Area is located in a region once known as "The Kingdom of Amarugia," where a group of people formed their own government and had their own society.

Scenic view of lake with trees in background.

Ella Ewing Lake CA was purchased in 1967. The lake had previously been built by the United States Department of Agriculture as part of the Bear Creek Watershed Project and was intended to be a flood control structure.

Clouds reflect off the tree-lined pond

Kendzora Conservation Area provides a variety of habitats for many fish and wildlife species. A 35-acre lake provides lake fishing opportunities.

Rocky Fork Lakes Conservation Area

The Rocky Fork Lakes Conservation Area is located in Boone County approximately six miles north of Columbia on Highway 63 and one-half mile east on Peabody road.

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You can access new places across Missouri for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing through the MRAP program.

Accessible Outdoors

The Department is removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from enjoying the outdoors. Throughout the state, new construction and renovations are improving access to Conservation Department areas, buildings, and shooting ranges.

Dove Hunting Areas

Get a list of all conservation areas managed for dove hunting.